a review of rose, water, fountain

recently i came across the self proclaimed indie rock revival band rose, water, fountain and their short and sweet 12 minute record of the same name. the project is a collaboration between the recording projects of bedbug and puppy problems, and i really like it! it feels pleasant and hopeful and bitter and youthful and angsty and intimate. my favourite track is the closer, infinite (out of time), it feels really tangible and raw. i love how this album is recorded, it feels so purposefully diy through and through. the vocal takes, the drum tone, the double tracking, it all culminates in what feels like the most intentionally and pleasantly cliche indie rock album i've heard in a while. and this brings me to what i actually wanted to talk about; what is indie rock revival?

although their self indentification with the phrase is likely not super serious i'd like to dicuss it regardless. when i first heard the term i was really confused, indie rock never died i thought, so how can it be revived? but then i thought about it and i realized that traits synonomous with indie rock haven't really prominently existed in projects from modern independent rock bands since the late 90s to early 00s. in the 2010s indie rock evolved out of the garage and into the bedroom, as bedroom pop. with this new *indie music* diy and lofi aesthetics were never abandoned, they were embraced! the aesthetics of the genre were expanded upon as the 2010s went on, and like all underground genres, were eventually capitalized upon. which brings us to today and the idea of indie rock revival.

rose, water, fountain is not an album that could have existed in the 90s, it's a record that embraces and builds upon a lot of the staples of modern bedroom pop, drawing from artists like alex g (im sorry), but with the attitude of 90s indie rock. and so i'd like to propose that indie rock revival is not a return to the indie rock of the 90s, but an evolution of bedroom pop, back to the ideals of the founding of the genre. indie rock revival is indie rock for how it was remembered, not for what it actually was or is.